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Annabessacook Vet Rig Number Four!

Earlier this week two young vets picked up Bay Horse New York custom right NUMBER FOUR for Annabessacook Veterinary Clinic in Monmouth, Maine. Dr. Caleb Brown and his fiancé, Dr. Libby Helmer, both 2020 graduates of Colorado State University, stopped by on their road trip home from Montana to pick up this latest custom vet rig.

Custom Vet Rig Mobile Vet Clinic by Bay Horse Innovations of New York

Annbessacook is owned Dr. Charlie Brown, Caleb’s mother. She started there in 1986 when it was just a two-vet practice. Since buying-in in 1987 the practice has grown to include a small and large animal hospital with an indoor arena and 6 veterinary trucks for outcalls. The team consists of 11 veterinarians that treat everything from dogs and cats to horses, alpacas, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and the occasional exotic animal.

Dr. Caleb Brown joined the practice in June of 2020 right after graduating. Dr. Libby Helmer Went to Montana to do a year-long equine surgery and internal medicine internship before starting with Annabessacook this summer.

Are all four of their Bay Horse New York rigs identical? Say’s Libby, “No, the four rigs are not exactly the same, but they are very similar. As each rig joined the fleet, they would discover little ways to make the work-flow just a little bit better and so each rig has evolved”. One of the reasons for Libby’s big smile? “My rig is #4 so I get all the little improvements thanks to the other three vets test driving 1 through 3!”

Watch for future features on our blog and Facebook feed with more upclose details on Annabessacook Vet Clinic.

Annabessacook Large Animal Clinic: (207) 933-6424

Annabessacook Small Animal Clinci: (207) 933-2165


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