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This is the second custom farrier rig that Gene has built for Elisa. The first was a truck cap, but for her new rig she’s opted for a trailer. Why a trailer this time? Say’s Elisa, “one reason is that the trailer gives me more space, but it also allows me to get more use out of my truck. Once you unhook the farrier trailer, you’ve got the use of the bed of the truck for hauling or to hook up to my horse trailer.”

A life-long horse lover and rider, Elisa first became interested in pursuing a career as a farrier following a lower leg lameness in one of her own horses. She learned the craft at Heartland Shoeing School in Missouri. While Elisa describes the experience as “the most challenging experience of my life” she came away with a profound respect for the Gregory family and is proud to have graduated from their program.

Since then, Elisa has continued to hone her skills, competing in the World Championship Blacksmith competitions and working with other farriers such as Brian Mullins CJF. After several years actively working as a farrier, she decided to pursue certification with the American Farriers Association and in 2016 achieved her Certified Farrier status, one of only 30 farriers in Ontario to have completed the program. Elisa also holds an APF title with the IAPF (International Association of Professional Farriers) and is active in the Ontario Farriers Association.

Elisa and E. M. Farrier Services serves Tiny Township, Oro Medonte, Simcoe County, Clearview and surrounding areas and offers a variety of traditional and therapeutic farrier options, hot shoeing and custom forged shoes.

E. M. Farrier Services

Elisa Miller

(705) 970-4454.

Thank so much to Kevin Cascagnette Photography for these great photos of Elisa’s new rig!

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