Ian Curry Farrier

When Ian Curry presented Gene with his latest custom farrier rig order, his wish list was probably just little different than most. Hailing from Wellington, FL, Ian has been in business for nine years and splits his time working between Wellington and Lexington, KY. This is the third rig that Gene has built for Ian, this one a set-up for a 4-Star Trailer.

Says Ian, “I run a multi-farrier practice so I asked Gene to set the rig up for efficiency. No missed steps, just go down the line. Also, to factor in that at least four of us need work out of it at the same time and not be on top of each other”.

We did have one other special request—a spot for my dog to have a good spot for her bed! As they always do, Gene and the crew delivered beyond expectations. I told them what I had in mand and they built it. This is my third rig from Bay Horse New York and I already have ideas for another in mind”.

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