New Farrier Rig for Virgilio Neto!

Virgilio Neto attended Heartland Horseshoeing School in 2017. When he came back home to Santa Rosa, California he rode with a few mentors; Sam Durham CJF, Dustin Smart CF, Bill Murphy CJF, and Eric White, all veteran farriers in my area. Within my first year of being out of school, I started Healthy Hooves Solutions Inc. and I have been working as a professional farrier ever since.

Says Virgilio, “From my experience apprenticing with many farriers, I made the decision that I'd like to work out of a trailer as my professional setup. Then it really just came down to personal preferences... I looked at many manufacturers, however, after working with Dustin Smart, I just knew that I wanted a setup like his— next thing I know, I'm contacting Gene and I placed my order.

"I feel that going to Heartland Horseshoeing School and getting a custom trailer from Gene Velten were the two most important business decision that I could have made for me and my family”.

We’re pleased to announce that after losing his home in the 2017 Tubbs Fire, Virgilio is about 7 months away from being able to expand his farrier business. He’s been building his house Monday-Thursday and shoeing horses Friday through Sunday, but soon he’ll be back shoeing horses full time!

Virgilio G. Neto

Healthy Hooves Solutions Inc.


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