Custom Really Does Mean Custom!

It was just over a year ago that a brand new rig for Dr. Becky Medeiros was the first custom build featured on our website. Today, we had a great chance to catch up with her and find out how things have worked out. Not only that, we get a bit more of a glimpse into the story of how the mobile vet clinic for Commonwealth Equine came to be.

This week Dr. Becky (she says all her clients call her Dr. Becky!) brought the rig back to the shop for some repairs due to a couple of fender benders thanks to some other folks not quite realizing where they were going. It was a great opportunity to find out how the rig has been working out for her and to tell a little more of the behind the scenes story of this particular Bay Horse Innovations NY custom vet truck body.

Like most Bay Horse clients, Dr. Becky is thrilled with the way this truck body aids in her ability to offer the best service possible to her clients. But, as it turns out this very efficient truck body is evidently an “impossible vet body”—well at least according to some. You see, being a sensible person, when Dr. Becky was ready for a custom truck, she consulted with several builders. From having worked for other veterinarians with mobile clinics, she knew exactly how she wanted hers to be laid out and what truck she wanted it built for. She knew what she wanted. She wanted a mobile vet clinic and she wanted it built on her 2017 GMC 2500 Sierra 4x4 —short bed! Unfortunately she was told was that she couldn’t have that. That it couldn’t be done. The layout and design that she wanted couldn’t be built on a short bed truck. That was, until she called Gene and she found out that when Bay Horse Innovations says "we build custom rigs", that’s exactly what they mean. Gene said, “of course we can”!

Dr. Becky laid out her truck body based on work flow! She has the right side laid out for diagnostics and sports medicine treatments.

The back of the body is devoted to general health and wellness.

The left side houses everything they need for handling equine medical emergencies!

As impressive as the complete layout is, the brilliance is sometimes in the little details, such as the paper towel holder—short bed!a special request from Dr. Becky's tech, Melani, who says it is one of her favorite features!

After a morning in the Bay Horse Innovations in Groton NY, Dr. Becky and Commonwealth Equine was headed down the road, good as new!

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