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International Hoof-Care Summit

You don’t often get a chance to chat with Gene Velten outside of his shop in Groton, NY. That’s because he’s busy building trailers and truck bodies! But if you’re heading to the International Hoof-Care Summit later this month you can meet him at the Bay Horse Innovations booth at the trade show, January 23rd and 24th! Keep in mind that while the Summit itself is from the 22nd to the 25th, the trade show is open to the attendees for three sessions only! Wednesday morning and afternoon and Thursday morning.

Bay Horse Innovations of New York Custom Aluminum Fabrication

Bay Horse Innovations of New York Custom Aluminum Fabrication
Bay Horse Innovations of New York Custom Aluminum Fabrication

Bay Horse Innovations of New York Custom Aluminum Fabrication

As so often happens when I start to write a short blog post, I end up learning something really new and interesting. In this instance, in preparing to write about Gene Velten and Bay Horse Innovations of New York heading to Cincinnati to be a part of the trade show at the International Hoof- Care Summit, I wanted to learn more about the Summit itself. Gene told me it’s the biggest farrier conference in the world. And it’s not just for farriers! It’s for anyone that wants to learn about the latest techniques related to equine hoof care and health. So, whose idea was it? The answer to that question —provided by the super responsive Jeff Cota answering my query via their Facebook page messaging system—was Frank Lessiter and that, in turn, led me to Lessiter Media’s very well organized website. That's where I learned that Frank Lessiter has done much, much more than publish the American Farriers Journal and put together an event. If you take a look at the Lessiter Media history page, you very quickly notice that one particular word pops up. A lot! And that word is “launched”. Because while Frank Lessiter certainly acquired publications that spoke to the topics he was passionate about, he definitely didn’t sit around waiting for someone else’s permission to start something new.

The word "launch" can be defined as “to start or set something in motion.” That first Summit sixteen years ago had about 500 attendees and now it draws more than 1,200! I think it’s safe to say that Mr. Lessiter definitely knew how to get something started, and Lessiter Media knows how to keep it going. The 2019 Summit dates are January 22 through 25th at the Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati. The International Hoof-Care Summit has it's own website. Just click on the image below!

International Hoof-Care Summit 2019

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