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Marie Leginus AWCF

Marie Leginus always knew that she wanted a career in horses, though at the beginning she didn’t know how it would all come together!

Marie Leginus Custom Farrier rig by Bay Horse Innovations of New York

Says Marie, “It has been 11 years since I first started shoeing horses. I applied for the Farrier Program right out of high school and I first went to Farrier school in 2007, at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Cloverdale, BC. After I graduated the program, I was given the opportunity to teach at the University as the assistant instructor underneath Gerard Laverty. I worked there for 2 years, and during that time I was apprenticing with other farriers on the weekends. It was a great way to learn because I could do and see so many more things. Afterwards, I apprenticed full time with James Findler for 4 years. I am very grateful for all of the mentors in my life, they have helped me get to where I am now, and to achieve what I have.

Marie Leginus Farrier, Langley BC

In the past 11 years I have taken three AFA Exams; Certified, Tradesman, & Journeyman and in October 2016 I took my AWCF Exam, in England. In 2010 I was on the Canadian Farrier's Team, competing at the Calgary Stampede, as well as the International Competition in England. All of these experiences have added to my knowledge of the entire farrier craft. I remember hearing when I was starting that 'The day we stop learning, is the day we stop shoeing horses' - I think that is a great quote to have in your mind.

Bay Horse Innovations of New York Custom Farrier Rig for Marie Leginus of Langley BC

Bay Horse Innovations of New York custom farrier rig for Marie Leginus

When I was apprenticing, James Findler had a full body farrier rig, and I had always planned to have one in my future. That rig made the job simpler, and also gave him the tools to do pretty much anything necessary right at the truck.

Apprentice Cherish Clement is one of three that currently work with Marie.

Efficiency like that opens up so many more doors with a business - having to turn someone down because you don't have the proper tool, or not enough supply is not going to be good long term.

Bay Horse Innovations of New York custom farrier rig for Marie Leginus of Langley BC

When I was finally ready for a rig of my own, I called Bay Horse Innovations! I had an idea of what I wanted, which was a bit of a mix of two rigs that I knew of. Gene helped create this for me, and he also had some great suggestions, and quick solutions to add! I am so so happy with my new truck, I am happy to go to work in the pouring rain....and of course any other day!”

Bay Horse Innovations of New York custom farrier rig for Marie Leginus of Langley BC

Marie Leginus Farriery

Serving Langley, BC and surrounding area

Mobile # 604- 838-5380

Facebook at Marie Leginus

Instagram @mleginus

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