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This week, Davis Equine LLC will be heading up to Bay Horse Innovations of New York to pick up their new rig from Gene Velten! But this isn’t their first rig from Gene, it’s their second! In 2016 they contacted Gene at Bay Horse Innovations of New York about building a custom vet pack for their Toyota Sequoia.

Says Chad, “I contacted Gene because he came highly recommended from our good friend Marc Van Der Rest. Marc had a custom farrier rig built by Gene and was very happy with the entire experience.

I sent Gene the general measurements for the height, depth and width of the Sequoia. We discussed drawer and lighting options and in addition we planned for adding a second unit for a refrigerator.

Gene had the main pack completely fabricated before we drove up to have it installed. We arrived first thing in the morning and the team started working on installing the pack and Gene and I the discussed designing and placing the second pack for the refrigerator.

Second pack designed to fit in the back passenger seat space of the Sequoia

In addition to designing and building the vet packs, they added multiple LED lights and 2 electrical outlets to charge our x-ray machine and ultrasound. Everything is wired to one of the 2 batteries in the truck.

I get compliments on the pack often and even better, the reduction in weight over the older rig we had saves money on gas, brakes and tires.

Chad and Stephanie Davis are the dynamic duo that make up Davis Equine, LLC of Plains VA. Since 2013 this their practice has provided top of the line care for all types of horses, with special focus on the needs of high performance horses practicing in VA, MD and SC.

Davis Equine, LLC.

6011 James Madison Hwy

The Plains, VA 20198


P: 540-998-0627

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