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DB Horseshoeing Inc.

During his career as a farrier, Dave Bentrem has utilized a variety of farrier rigs! Says Dave, “I’ve have had a trailer, truck bodies, and currently have a “cap”. While I liked working out of the trailer, in my area (western Pennsylvania ) maneuvering a trailer into position for work wasn’t always easy. The truck bodies were great, and the best feature about them was having a swing out anvil.

However, these bodies had so much room in them that I found I was actually carrying around a lot of extra stuff that I didn’t really need! Through the years, I’ve learned to carry only what I need to save on weight and fuel.

Custom Farrier Rig by Bay Horse Innovations of New York

"When I approached Gene (Bay Horse Innovations of New York) about building a cap with a tub, I asked him if he could fit all of the equipment I had in my truck body— and include a drop down anvil? And he did it!"

Custom Farrier Rig by Bay Horse Innovations of New York

"There are a couple of other considerations that make the cap more practical for me. One is I that sell my trucks about every 4 years and the truck bodies involved more work when I changed trucks. Also, my family and I raise beef cattle and throughout the summer I need the truck to pull trailers when we are making hay. The cap is very easy to take out and put back in with a few simple steps.

For me, this cap from Bay Horse Innovations of New York is the absolute best for my needs. It is a great combination of simplicity and functionality to make my everyday work enjoyable and efficient."

DB Horseshoeing Inc. Bay Horse Innovations of New York

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