Jon Smiley-Smiley Horseshoeing

Pennsylvania farrier, Jon Smiley did a lot of research before he contacted Bay Horse Innovations of New York about building his custom farrier rig. Says Jon, “I read a lot of reviews and I paid close attention to the brands of rigs that were being listed for sale on trailer sites. Gene’s trailers were rarely available. That made me confident that, once purchased, his trailers were being kept and utilized. Gene was recommended by AAPF farrier Gary Gatts. Gary said Gene and his crew were one of the best in the business”.

“I wanted a custom rig because there were some things I didn’t need or didn’t want in my trailer. When it came to the final installation of the tools and drawers, I was very particular and I didn’t want anything installed until I was able to meet with Gene and his crew and actually simulate how I want to work around the trailer.

Only after acting out my normal daily routine, several times, did they fasten the tools, drawers and racks exactly where I needed them to be to suit my style. Gene and his guys were great to work with. We set a date for the pick-up when I ordered it and there were no delays. The work was on schedule and I have a finished product I’m proud to put my Smiley Horseshoeing name on!”

Jon Smiley studied and graduated from Meredith Manor Equestrian Center in Waverly, WV. April will mark his 17th year in the profession. You can contact Jon at (724) 801-0933 or find him on Facebook!

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