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Commonwealth Equine, the practice of Dr. Becky Ruemmler Medeiros, is an equine-exclusive practice. Her patients include competitive sport horses, backyard companions, and all equids in between.

The practice is an ambulatory one and as such, Dr. Becky's truck is her office and she knew exactly how she wanted her clinic on wheels to function.

That's when she called Gene. "I contacted Gene and explained to him what I needed and he said 'no problem'. I basically drew him a picture of what I wanted on each side of the rig and he just made it! It was amazing and he suggested several features that I hadn't thought of-like a heater inside the rig.

"The deck space is something that you can only get with this kind of rig. I use it as a standing desk with my laptop when working at calls and it's a nice place to chat with clients. We even have a dish of candy out for people to snack on and a container of mints for the ponies".

You can also use the interior deck as a "dry erase board" to make reminder notes or draw a diagram for a client. The flat surface next to the printer is another good example of how a superior custom build on a conventional pickup bed provides exceptional use of space. Also, Gene wired the back-up camera through the rig as well as connecting the exterior doors to the automatic locks".

Because it's built on a basic pickup truck bed-in this case a 2017 GMC 2500HD- with this rig from Bay Horse Innovations of New York, Dr. Medeiros can just move it onto her next truck and keep on rolling. Says, Dr. Mederios, "I expect to have this rig for the rest of my career".

Commonwealth Equine serves southeastern Massachusetts (south shore, metro-west, greater Boston) and Rhode Island. They are committed to the well-being of the horse and are passionate about helping each horse reach their full potential by providing exemplary health care and client education. You can check out their website at

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