Heading to Clearwater Leak Detection!

It would be a big mistake to think that Gene Velten and the crew of Bay Horse Innovations of New York limits their production to custom vet and farrier rigs! While custom vet truck bodies and farrier rigs make up a large part of the business, all kinds of specialty contractors-men and women with unique challenges-find their perfect solution here! Because the shop specializes in all types of welding and metal fabrication, they are up to any design challenge a custom contractor might have.

Recently, on a typical dreary January day in New York, the most recent Bay Horse New York rig-in this case a custom truck body- was loaded on delivery truck to head out on a long, long delivery trip! Fortunately, we got some pictures of it while it was still in the shop! This rig is heading as far west as you can get without running out of dirt, this custom truck bed will become a work horse for Clearwater Leak Detection in Tacoma, WA.

How does someone go about sending a diagram of exactly how they want their rig to be laid out?There are all kinds of answers to this question, but Simon Calis came up with a really simple yet genius way to convey his exactly how he needed this truck bed to be laid out.

A couple of photographs of the actual dimensions of laid out with blue tape on the garage floor- very simple and very effective!

Gene and the crew at Bay Horse Innovations of New York, turned these outlines into this truck!

Clearwater Leak Detection, a family owned business, services the entire Puget Sound area from Olympia to Seattle to Everett, and out to Bremerton and North Bend.

If you're in the Puget Sound area and think you've got a water leak problem, Simon Calis is the person to get in touch with. The Clearwater Leak Detection website has all the information you need at http://www.clearwaterleakdetection.com.

If you're anywhere at all, and need a custom rig-farrier rig, vet rig-or a specialty rig- call Gene at Bay Horse Innovations of New York!

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