New Farrier Rig for Virgilio Neto!

Virgilio Neto attended Heartland Horseshoeing School in 2017. When he came back home to Santa Rosa, California he rode with a few mentors; Sam Durham CJF, Dustin Smart CF, Bill Murphy CJF, and Eric White, all veteran farriers in my area. Within my first year of being out of school, I started Healthy Hooves Solutions Inc. and I have been working as a professional farrier ever since. Says Virgilio, “From my experience apprenticing with many farriers, I made the decision that I'd like to work out of a trailer as my professional setup. Then it really just came down to personal preferences... I looked at many manufacturers, however, after working with Dustin Smart, I just knew that I wanted a se

DG Farrier Service/ Rockwall, TX

A brand new custom farrier rig from Bay Horse Innovations of New York has found a home with Daniel Gunderson of DG Farrier Services Daniel drove up from Rockwall, TX and Gene and the crew at Bay Horse New York mounted it on his 2105 Toyota Tundra. Everything in this rig is exactly to Daniel's specifications, especially the slide-out deck, a feature that he spotted on a friend's Bay Horse rig. Says Daniel, “This rig is the culmination of my favorite features of rigs I’ve seen, one of which was a Bay Horse rig. I’m really pleased with how it turned out. Gene that the crew are fine craftsmen”. If you'd like to contact Daniel to find out more about the services offered at DG Farrier Service you

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