New Vet Cap for Bentley Veterinary

This week Bay Horse Innovations of New York completed a Vet Cap for Bentley Veterinary Practice of Pine Plains, New York! Hot and cold water tanks, refrigerator, power-inverter, day and night heat (which means that depending upon whether the rig is running or not, the heat comes from a different source) and a custom wash sink are just a few of the features in the Vet Cap that Gene and the crew built for the Bentley Vet Practice 2019 Toyota Tundra. Says Dr. Angell, “Gene and the guys were great to work with. We will definitely be a returning customer. This new rig will be for Dr. Julie Clas. Dr. Clas is one of our pillars at Bentley Vet. She is extremely hard working and is well deserving of

Firestar Equine

While Firestar Veterinary Services isn't scheduled to begin operations until March 1st, their brand new mobile unit has already made the drive to VA and is sporting the Firestar logo! Firestar Veterinary Services will deliver full service equine veterinary care on the farm, with an emphasis on wellness care. In the days leading up to their official opening you can follow them on Facebook to learn about their concierge wellness packages! Styled after concierge medicine on the human side, these packages are practical and cost-effective. Dr. Freckelton states, “My passion for endocrinology continues, as does my affection for the geriatric horses and.I look forward to continuing to advance care

Custom Really Does Mean Custom!

It was just over a year ago that a brand new rig for Dr. Becky Medeiros was the first custom build featured on our website. Today, we had a great chance to catch up with her and find out how things have worked out. Not only that, we get a bit more of a glimpse into the story of how the mobile vet clinic for Commonwealth Equine came to be. This week Dr. Becky (she says all her clients call her Dr. Becky!) brought the rig back to the shop for some repairs due to a couple of fender benders thanks to some other folks not quite realizing where they were going. It was a great opportunity to find out how the rig has been working out for her and to tell a little more of the behind the scenes story

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