New Truck Body for farrier, John Sagaria

Gene is back from the Summit and the shop is hopping. But before Gene headed to Ohio, a brand new farrier truck body headed out west to John Sagaria! Since then, John's had the truck body installed and is up and rolling with it! John Sagaria has been shoeing horses in northern California for twenty years, working mainly in Sonoma and Marin counties! If you’d like to get in touch with him, give him a call at (707) 486-8120.

New Home for the National Museum of Horseshoeing Tools!

One of the many activities at the 2019 International Hoof-Care Summit is making everyone aware of the fund raising effort directed towards the relocation of the National Museum of Horseshoeing Tools, currently located at Carrousel Farms in Sulphur, Oklahoma. The museum’s founder, owner and creator, Lee Liles, passed away in August. For those of you unfamiliar with the Museum of Horseshoeing Tools, it’s the creation of one man’s life-long love and commitment to farriers and the life they lead. I don’t know if Lee realized that he would found a museum. A farrier himself, I suspect it started because he simply started gathering those things that fascinated him. And it might have remained an im

International Hoof-Care Summit

You don’t often get a chance to chat with Gene Velten outside of his shop in Groton, NY. That’s because he’s busy building trailers and truck bodies! But if you’re heading to the International Hoof-Care Summit later this month you can meet him at the Bay Horse Innovations booth at the trade show, January 23rd and 24th! Keep in mind that while the Summit itself is from the 22nd to the 25th, the trade show is open to the attendees for three sessions only! Wednesday morning and afternoon and Thursday morning. As so often happens when I start to write a short blog post, I end up learning something really new and interesting. In this instance, in preparing to write about Gene Velten and Bay Horse

Drew Sosko Farrier Service

Here’s another great example of a farrier rig from Bay Horse New York. Check out this custom truck body Gene and crew built for Drew Sosko’s Chevy 2500 long bed pick-up! Drew wanted something a little bit different for his rig. Shoe drawers! Yep, most farriers ask for racks for storing their shoes, but Drew wanted drawers. And you know what? He sent Gene a picture and Drew got exactly what he wanted—and more! Drew Sosko Farrier Services Unionville, PA 610-585-7528

A Little Bay Horse NY Spruce Up!

Just last fall the Dr.'s Davis of Davis Equine LLC had Bay Horse Innovations NY build a second custom vet pack for their practice! Just this past week, after several years of use, the Davis Equine Rig #1 came back to the shop in NY for some TLC!

PenMar Equine LLC

Dr. Moira Nusbaum founded PenMar Equine in June 2011 and was joined by Dr. Annie Chavent, in 2017. Together they they take pride in offering services ranging from general health and wellness to the latest in digital imaging and cutting edge treatments. One of the best features about the digital technologies is the ability to treat a horse home, versus hauling to a clinic. And to tote all that amazing equipment around, you need an amazing rig. That's where Bay Horse Innovations of New York comes into the picture, with this new build for PenMar! Visit the PenMar website to see their impressive list of services. Proudly serving Washington and Frederick Counties MD, Chambersburg, Greencastle and

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