Jamie Secoura-JS Farrier

Jamie Secoura of JS Farrier has never been someone to look for the "easy" way in life. That's true of the way she works and the way she plays! On any given weekend you might find her running through the woods. Jogging through the woods isn’t unusual, but running through the woods carrying a 50 lb sandbag? Or dragging weights? For Jamie that’s just fun training for one of her favorite activities-Spartan racing. Never heard of it? Neither had I! All I can say is holy cow! For a change of pace there might be some serious rock wall climbing, jiu-jitsu or Cross Fit competitions. It logically follows that Jamie chose a profession that others might consider physically daunting-that of being a far

Heading to Clearwater Leak Detection!

It would be a big mistake to think that Gene Velten and the crew of Bay Horse Innovations of New York limits their production to custom vet and farrier rigs! While custom vet truck bodies and farrier rigs make up a large part of the business, all kinds of specialty contractors-men and women with unique challenges-find their perfect solution here! Because the shop specializes in all types of welding and metal fabrication, they are up to any design challenge a custom contractor might have. Recently, on a typical dreary January day in New York, the most recent Bay Horse New York rig-in this case a custom truck body- was loaded on delivery truck to head out on a long, long delivery trip! Fortu

Commonwealth Equine

Commonwealth Equine, the practice of Dr. Becky Ruemmler Medeiros, is an equine-exclusive practice. Her patients include competitive sport horses, backyard companions, and all equids in between. The practice is an ambulatory one and as such, Dr. Becky's truck is her office and she knew exactly how she wanted her clinic on wheels to function. That's when she called Gene. "I contacted Gene and explained to him what I needed and he said 'no problem'. I basically drew him a picture of what I wanted on each side of the rig and he just made it! It was amazing and he suggested several features that I hadn't thought of-like a heater inside the rig. "The deck space is something that you can only get w

Bay Horse Innovations

This is where you can see the stories of the unique people that have trusted to design and fabricate their rigs.

Future Home of Bay Horse Innovations of New York Clients!

This will be one of the most interesting places on the new Bay Horse Innovations of New York website! Sharing all of the unique stories of the people using our rigs every day! Randolph Well & Pump Company-Ray and Larry Converse-McLean, NY

Blog on the Go

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